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Whether for keynotes, workshops or facilitation, leaders & event organisers choose James for his energy, inspirational perspectives & his capacity to translate science into practical tactics & effective strategies to enhance wellbeing & performance at an individual & organisational level.

James’ areas of expertise include the ‘future of work’, human wellbeing & performance in a digitally disrupted world & methods to facilitate more sustainable high-performance for knowledge workers. James’ work spans consulting for Formula 1 drivers & teams, advising Fortune 500 C-suite executives, frequent keynotes & workshops in Europe, the United States & Asia.

If you’re interested in finding out more about working with James, please feel free to get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page. You can read more about James’ concepts and frameworks in his latest book, ‘Exponential‘.


James is an increasingly sought after speaker for conferences and events. He presents on a range of topics including learnings from sport for business, the future of work, health and wellbeing in the face of digital disruption and sustainable high-performance knowledge work. Event organisers choose James for his inspirational perspectives, real-world experience and capacity to translate science into practical, high-impact messages.


James often facilitates workshops and seminars to provide a deeper-dive into topics related to health, wellbeing and sustainable high-performance. These sessions often include the use of our survey tools to provide personal and organisational insights and input on topics of high-importance to the client. This could be as specific as sleep & recovery and resilience to broader discussions and ideation around implementing health & wellbeing initiatives across organisations.


James is a regular contributor to client and customer events. This may range from offering short ‘thought leadership’ presentations, providing new perspectives during management team meetings and board retreats, to inspiration and education at company wide gatherings, as part of organisational health and wellbeing initiatives.


James regularly presents keynotes & leads workshops including the following themes, but he is also happy to shape and create content to fit the event and requirements of specific audiences.

  • FROM FIXED TO FLOW: Has work really got harder, or is there just more to pay attention to?
  • THE WORKFORCE OF TOMORROW: Developing the skills and capacities for our automated, augmented and ‘ageless’ future.
  • THE ANATOMY OF VICTORY: Lessons from top-performers in sport and business.
  • COGNITIVE GEARS: Introducing a novel method to consider how we distribute our cognitive load, with implications for the workplace and beyond.
  • THE ATTENTION PARADOX: Why the people who need to pay attention the most are often the most at risk of distraction; and what we can do about it.
  • MAKE SLEEP YOUR SUPER-POWER: Why the people who need to focus the most, are often the most fatigued, and why we can’t ‘cheat on sleep’.
  • BEYOND RESILIENCE: Can we get stronger in response to stress?