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French Rules For Pre-Race Cycling Nutrition c. 2002

Until 2005, I was an Elite Espoir (Under-23) racing cyclist based in the South of France, aiming to secure a contract with a professional team. My memories are skewered by emotional highs juxtaposed with physical lows. I can still make […]

Essential Knowledge For Mallorca Cycling Training Camps

There are some famous names amongst the Strava KOMs on Mallorca. A quick browse through the segments for the island confirm that Mallorca is a firm favourite amongst pro-cycling teams and amateur riders looking to accumulate some early season miles in […]

Smart Cycling Strategies: Lose Weight Or Increase Power? P.2

In Part 1 of this ‘Sportive Preparation’ blog, I reviewed the results from a recent performance test. In Part 2 we’re going to explore two scenarios that may improve my climbing performance. Scenario 1 predicts performance based on reducing my weight by […]

Smart Cycling Strategies: Lose Weight Or Increase Power? P.1

hat will make me faster: losing 5% of my body mass, or gaining 5% in sustainable power? On the 25th June last year my colleague, Morgan Lloyd, and I carried out a 20 minute power test at Performancepro. The plan […]

Working With Trek Factory Racing

What were you doing the week before Christmas? Cyclefit had the privilege of pressure mapping the ischial tuberosities of some of the world’s greatest riders, amongst other activities… Popular opinion once suggested that professional cyclists were set in their ways […]

History & Benefits Of Electro Muscle Stimulation For Cycling

In 2004, when I was racing in France, my then house-mate returned from racing in Italy bearing a gift; a Compex Electro-Muscle Stimulator which he’d been using for recovery during stage races. We all felt compelled to attach ourselves to […]

How To Use A Power-Meter To Plan Cycling Nutrition

It’s become more common for professional cyclists to share power meter files from races and training, providing a new insight into the physical demands of the world’s top races. Over his long career, the exploits of Jens Voigt have reached […]

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Training Tips For Time Poor Cyclists: Part 2

In part 1 of this series, I suggested that integrating Sprint Interval Training into your training programme, based on the results of a study by a team including Dr. Martin Gibala, could be a good idea. Perhaps more compelling for […]

How To Use Your Power-Meter Like A Pro-Cyclist

In 2013, a lot of ‘Chris Froome Looking At Stems’ photos ‘did the rounds’. So many, in fact, that there is now a website dedicated to the subject with many wondering whether he was actually looking at his power-meter display, […]