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Calculate your power based training zones
Determine the power required for a given speed
Determine the speed possible for a given power!
Power Zone Calculator

There are multiple methods to define training zones. CyclingPowerLab’s calculator uses the 6 ranges suggested in Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan’s excellent book ‘Training & Racing With A Power Meter‘. Before using the calculator, you need to determine your FTP. Find out how an FTP test is conducted here, plug your numbers into the calculator and try using the 6 zones as a starting point to plan and structure your training.


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Power & Speed Calculator

The CyclingPowerLab power & speed calculator determines the power output required to ride at a given speed, or vice versa. It’s an interesting tool to play with; you can model the power output you would need to maintain to achieve a sub-20 minute 10 mile TT, for example, taking into account rider weight, gradient, drag area and even tire choice. It also provides an idea of energy expenditure and substrate use.