James Hewitt is a speaker, author & scientist. He brings complex concepts to life to explore & enhance human performance. James’ areas of expertise include the ‘future of work’, human performance in a digitally disrupted world & methods to facilitate more sustainable high-performance for knowledge workers.

His work spans consulting for Formula 1 drivers & teams, advising Fortune 500 C-suite executives, frequent keynotes & workshops in Europe, the United States & Asia.

James is based in Switzerland & the UK. In addition to his role as Head of Science & Innovation at Hintsa Performance, James is an active researcher at Loughborough University, ranked as #1 in the world in Sport, Exercise & Health Science by QS World University Rankings.

Whether for keynotes, workshops or facilitation, leaders & event organisers choose James for his energy, inspirational perspectives & his capacity to translate science into practical tactics & effective strategies to enhance wellbeing & performance at an individual & organisational level. Invite James to speak at your next conference, seminar or retreat.

You can read more about James’ concepts and frameworks in his latest book, ‘Exponential‘. If you’re interested in finding out more about working with James, please feel free to get in touch via twitter or the contact page

Recent presentations include the following themes, but James is happy to create bespoke content to fit the needs of his clients.

  • The attention paradox: Why the people who need to focus the most, are often the most at risk of distraction; and what we can do about it.
  • Beyond resilience: Grow stronger in response to stress, with learnings from top performers in sport & business.
  • The workforce of tomorrow: how to develop the skills and capacities for our automated, augmented and ‘ageless’ future.
  • Ageing masterclass: Considering masters athletes as a model for optimal ageing, highlighting the spectacular achievements of older athletes, with practical lessons to increase ‘health-span’ for ‘normal’ people, too.
  • The anatomy of victory: Lessons from top-perfomers in sport and business to enhance everyone’s performance.
  • Cognitive gears: Considering knowledge workers as ‘cognitive athletes’, who need to distribute cognitive work with the same intentionally as sports people apply to their training, to release their full potential.

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