EEnjoy an evening presentation combining new insights into the worlds of strength & conditioning, physiotherapy, physiology, training and elite sport, blended with practical advice to improve your performance including:

  • How time-poor athletes can maximise the effectiveness of their training
  • Techniques to ‘biohack’ your metabolism, improve fat utilisation and body composition
  • How strength & conditioning can help you realise untapped potential to improve power and efficiency
  • How muscle balance/core stability can improve tolerance to increased training loads


James Hewitt is a Sports Scientist, Coach and former Elite racer. Through his own company and his work with Cyclefit, he shares his passion for science and technology to help cyclists improve their performance. 

David Harris is the Clinical Director of Oxford Circus Physiotherapy. David is highly qualified in manipulative therapy, sports and orthopaedic rehabilitation, has been a local in the West End for over 9 years and actively working as a Physiotherapist for over 13 years.

Dan Boulle is a Director at PerformancePro. He is a Strength & Conditioning Coach, served for 13 years British Army, holds an MSc in Strength & Conditioning, is a UKSCA Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach in addition to being a NASM (CPT) Certified Personal Trainer.