I I recently spent a couple of days in the Alps for a weekend of structured riding. Working with High Performance coach Garth Fox, we carried out a series of field-based performance tests to generate data, which we subsequently used in a Critical Power model to analyse my current level of conditioning and future potential.

Find out more about how you could use the Critical Power model, here.

Garth is a Sports Scientist, providing physiological support to athletes ranging in ability from novice to world class. He holds an MSc. in Sports Science & Human Performance. Amongst others, Garth is Sports Scientist to Pro Triathlete Michael Weiss and coach to Phil Mosley, Elite Triathlete and Coaching Editor of Triathlon Plus magazine, so this was a great opportunity to get his insight.

In this video, you can get a behind the scenes look at our weekend ‘mini training-camp’, including a brief insight into how we analysed the data. Three months into my return to more focussed training, I achieved some encouraging results – a new 20 minute average power PB and a great insight into my strengths, weaknesses and future actions for the coming week’s training. I’ll be publishing more in-depth analysis of the results here at jameshewitt.net, soon. Please get in touch if you’re interested in finding out more about power-based performance testing and training camps.

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